How to Estimate with Means Data & CostWorks

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Brand: RSMeans
Author(s): Saleh Mubarak and RSMeans

Learn how to estimate building costs using the leading source of construction cost data

This step-by-step guide takes you through all the major construction items with extensive coverage of site work, concrete and masonry, wood and metal framing, doors and windows, and other divisions. An important new chapter, Introduction to Cost Estimating, covers many aspects and definitions of cost estimating specific to project management in the construction industry. The only construction cost estimating handbook that uses the most popular source of construction data, RSMeans, this indispensible guide features access to the instructional version of CostWorks in electronic form, enabling you to practice techniques to solve real-world estimating problems.

In addition, How to Estimate with RSMeans Data, Fourth Edition includes:

  • Cost data based on RSMeans Building Construction Cost Data

  • Two sets of actual project plans—residential and light commercial—with which to practice estimating

  • Expert advice on design-stage estimates—when and how to use assemblies and square-foot estimating

  • Tips from professionals, including widely used formulas and rules of thumb

  • Guidance on how to use the powerful features of CostWorks Estimator

How to Estimate with RSMeans Data, Fourth Edition comes complete with more than 300 end-of-chapter exercises, many with answers, that show how to estimate for a broad range of construction items and systems, including general conditions and equipment costs.

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Includes a fully functional instructional version of Building Construction Cost Data CD-ROM. Learn how to export your cost lists to a spreadsheet, or customize them using CostWorks Estimator. The CD also includes:


  • Cost data organized according to the 2004 CSI MasterFormat numbering system
  • Two sets of plans (residential and light commercial) to practice your estimating techniques in the context of an actual project
  • Fully worked-out solutions to sample estimating problems
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