Construction Supervision

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Author(s): Jerald L. Rounds, Robert O. Segner Jr.
This brand new title inspires supervisory excellence with proven tactics and techniques applied by thousands of construction supervisors over the past decade. Recognizing the unique and critical role the supervisor plays in project success, the book's leadership guidelines carve out a practical blueprint for motivating work performance and increasing productivity through effective communication.



Key lessons emphasize adaptable strategies for managing risk and unexpected workflow challenges. Beginning with the definition and importance of supervision and ending with the increasingly important role construction supervisors will hold in the future, this book covers a wide range of topics, such as best practices for accomplishing project objectives, managing physical resources, schedules and costs, team building, and much more.

Construction Supervision features:

  • A unique focus on field supervision and crew management
  • Coverage of supervision from the foreman to the superintendent level 
  • An overview of technical skills whose mastery will build confidence and success for the supervisor
  • A detailed view of "soft" management and communication skills

From planning and executing in the field to juggling responsibilities on the fly, Construction Supervision fosters preparedness with a broad range of supervisory situations one is likely to encounter on a commercial, residential, industrial, or institutional construction project, and offers sound advice for solving the most complex management issues.


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About the Authors

Jerald L. Rounds, PhD, PE, is Associated General Contractors Endowed Chair in Construction Management and Construction Engineering at the University of New Mexico. As a certified Class "A" construction superintendent in Denver, he served as project manager on a number of commercial building projects prior to more than thirty years as a construction educator. Concurrently, he has developed numerous training programs in project management and supervision for the construction industry. Most recently, he codeveloped the NECA Electrical Project Supervision training program with Robert Segner, with whom he has conducted "train the trainer" sessions for the past decade.

Robert O. Segner Jr. is a professor of construction science in the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University. He followed years of construction practice with four decades in construction higher education. He has served as president of the American Council for Construction Education. Segner codeveloped the NECA Electrical Project Supervision training program with Jerald Rounds and has conducted "train the trainer" sessions for the past decade. He has developed and taught numerous other continuing education programs.

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