Custom Cost Engineering Solutions

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Predictive Cost Models
Accurately predicting construction costs for standard facilities in multiple locations is an essential tool for budgeting and cost control. For serial builders like government agencies, colleges and universities and large retail chains, RSMeans provides custom building cost models which allow an owner to quickly predict construction costs based on variables such as geographic locations, project size, building system component, and product options. Specialized functionality of the model allows retail clients to make aesthetic changes on the fly and adjust the estimate instantly without performing time consuming take-offs.

Estimate Validation
Cost or estimate disputes may arise over anything from expenses, project duration and cash flow projections to resource allocation, change order negotiation and other information necessary to execute a project. RSMeans’ estimate validation services provide reliable guidelines and neutral analyses in cases of cost and estimate disputes. Leveraging years of estimating experience and RSMeans data, cost engineers are able to review various types of cost and estimate disputes and report unbiased findings.

Department of Energy Case Study
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Custom Cost Engineering
Life Cycle Costing
Maintaining a good understanding of capital and operating and maintenance budgets over extended periods of time is of utmost importance for building owners and facility managers. RSMeans consults with owners and facility managers interested in understanding the life cycle costs of their buildings and provides custom dashboards which include relevant data for owners overseeing multiple buildings and/or campus-type settings.

Custom and International Cost Data
Not every project is the same, nor does it always take place in the same location. Some projects require custom data outside of the normal dataset. RSMeans provides construction data collection services for these specific instances. Our cost engineers have the ability to build custom cost indexes for specific industries, as well as for international data. RSMeans has international construction cost data collected from over 200 countries.

Custom Cost Index
Building owners often require a specialized construction cost index that is either industry specific and/or country specific. Using the same methodology as with custom data collection, RSMeans utilizes its 70 years of experience developing localized City Cost Indexes and collects data on a custom market basket of goods which includes specific materials, labor and equipment to provide a custom cost index.


To learn more about how RSMeans' Custom Cost Engineering can be applied to your need, contact a RSMeans Consulting Director.